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06 Nov 23

What does meeting Experts by Experience mean to Doctorate in Clinical Psychology year 1 trainees at Liverpool University? What does EBE involvement mean to the EbE’s that support their training?

by Ali Bryant

*Listen to the blog here

Hi, and welcome to our PPN North West EbE Steering Group blog. Autumn is here, the leaves are changing colour and the year is drawing to a close, but in our work here we are buzzing with excitement. It’s a real joy to put pen to paper, fingers to the keyboard and let you know our news from the PPN NW EbE steering group.

Anticipation is building about PPWeek23 now booking is open with free to attend events held by the PPN regions between the 13th and 17th November.

The in-person conference event on Wednesday 15th November in London is titled –

‘Unite, Inspire and Transform: integrating psychologically informed practice into physical health and care’

The event has been shaped to bring people together, to be inspired by the speakers and to carry the vision forward into practice to transform all health and care to be psychologically informed.

For full programme details, free registration and membership please visit:

More than 15 other regional events include:

  • Next steps for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Psychological Professions 13thNovember 9.30-11.00    National event
  • The impact of psychological interventions on self- management of diabetes and respiratory conditions - 13th November 13.30-15.00 East of England
  • Psychological Professions and Cancer Alliances: working together to make a difference 16thNovember 13.30-15.00    Midlands

There is so much here to interest all psychological professionals, for those in training or considering a career as a psychological practitioner, for those involved at a strategic level, in workforce development and training and for lived experience experts.

Of course, we want to share with you our PPN NW regional event in collaboration with the Psychological Professions Network North East and Yorkshire led by Elspeth Ward and Paul Thompson bringing together representation from across the 7 PPN regions to deliver and share their thoughts and experiences on Psychological Practitioner Communities of Practice.

  • Psychological Practitioners Community of Practice-A changing Landscape 16thNovember 9.30-11.00   North West & North East and Yorkshire

 As an EbE who is contributing to the presentation and taking part as a panel member at the end of the live online session, I can tell you that I am really excited by the work and the conversations we have been having in preparation. For more detail on the free to attend event and to register please click here.

One of the highlights of the academic year for me and for all my EbE colleagues is to meet the Year 1 trainees joining the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programme at Liverpool University. The introduction to the lived-experience group – LExE (Liverpool Experts by Experience) - may be the first time trainees have discussed clinical psychology with a person of lived experience to ground theory and shape their clinical practice.

When training, working alongside EbEs is an opportunity to have conversations that may at times be difficult and also illuminating and sharing what works for service users and doesn’t work so well, to give opportunities to trainees to develop best practice and be the best practitioners of tomorrow. The session was inspiring for so many reasons. The cohort of 40 were eager to find out more about what opportunities there are to be taught by people of lived experience, the help we can offer in research and in small-group discussions to grow their knowledge and practice.

It is always a joy to meet trainees joining the programme that we had interviewed, and to get to know the rest of the cohort as we go forward together on their training journey. Each EbE is unique and bring their own range of experiences to offer trainees but are united in the shared goal of ensuring trainee involvement is of the highest quality based on the lived experience voice. This is embedded through shortlisting, interviewing, teaching, research, shaping the programme at a strategic level and the curriculum to benefit trainees over the three years of their course.

 I asked everyone attending to add their authentic voice to the blog with some quotes. I also sought consent to include a photo of the group work the trainees engaged in based on using the EbE animation toolkit for group discussion after the EbE animation was screened.


Year 1 Trainees:

“This was the highlight of the week and I look forward to working more closely with LExE in the future after considering all the different ways I can seek their guidance”.

“Such a poignant and influential session, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us and helping us on our journey to become better clinicians”.

“Having LExE come in the first week was really valuable, to see how they’re integrated into the course content. The session was really interesting and a safe space for discussion”.

Experts by Experience:

George: “It was good to be able to help. I was interested in the feedback from the groups including the animation which had a good effect.”

Megan: “I got a really good vibe from them. They all seemed really passionate and genuinely interested, especially with regard to LExE.”

Terry: “LExE help ground the trainees learning experience and expand their perspective on clinical psychology with the breadth of individual lived experience.”

Hilary, Chair of LExE: “Trainees were prepared to listen and understand where we’re coming from and the experience we have, experience is not just about psychology but about working life as well as we all come from different backgrounds that we also bring to the role.”

Senior Clinical Tutor

Rachel: “A lovely intro from the LExE team, the warmth and willingness to help trainees across a range of domains really stood out. Really helpful and thought-provoking session regarding past experience of EBE involvement and future directions with a fantastic emphasis on meaningful and mutually respectful collaboration – thank you LExE.”

As EbEs we want to contribute to the training experience for all the psychological professions and make a difference in ensuring that all training is grounded with lived experience perspective and knowledge for best practice. Please get in touch with us at the PPN NW EbE Steering Group to ask us to contribute to your training courses, or to enquire about how we can support you in getting EbE involvement off the ground. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Next month I am looking forward to sharing with you the highlights from PPWeek23- Who inspired? Quotes that resonated? How the vision for the Psychological Professions is being carried forward after the in-person event? Feedback on the regional sessions and lots, lots more………

Also in a follow up piece EbE steering group members Keith and Bev will be sharing their reflections on getting to know the trainees on the Lancaster DClin and Joe his thoughts on the Manchester programme introduction to year 1 trainees and the contribution EbEs make to training there and on the other side of that equation to EbEs on their own journey of recovery.

Please view the EbE animation and discussion toolkit here to share and take our vision forward.

Until next month take the best care of yourselves