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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Resource Bank

PPN SE commissioned Professor Margo Ononaiye to look at equality and diversity within the psychological professions and from that an EDI resource bank and  EDI Audit Tool was developed. The ‘tool’ was devised for Psychological Training Programmes, Professional Bodies and NHS Trusts to evaluate and improve upon their existing EDI strategies. The tool is designed based on clear expectations, targets and the ability to rate progress with a reviewable action plan. 

There are clear guidelines available on how to use this tool:

Three versions are available to choose from: 

Professor Margo Ononaiye talks about some of her own experiences of race, class and leadership in Clinical Psychology, which also helped to inform the tool:

  3. BPS How Did You Get That Job in…? Facebook Live with Dr Margo Ononaiye (log in required) -
  4. Chipping Away at the Marble: Breaking barriers as a Black Woman leading on an EDI Project -

Resources have been collated for several protected characteristics, outlined by the Equality Act (2010), including: