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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

Support for all during times of global conflict

02 Nov 23

Psychological professionals across our networks highlight the need to respond to the impact of trauma.

We are writing at a time of highly increased concern about conflicts across the world that are having an extraordinary and unprecedented impact on all those local to warring regions and many millions of others, on all continents. We wanted to acknowledge the indescribable and enduring suffering of those in war regions, and also the devastating impact on so many people in their communities at a distance from these conflicts. We observe the inevitable increase in global attention to atrocity, and the exposure for all to the sights, stories and sounds of tragedy. Our thoughts are particularly with those in conflict zones and those with connections to the regions and their daily struggles to process and survive losses and uncertainty.

Drawing on what is known about the impact of trauma in war, throughout unresolved conflict, throughout generations in families, we acknowledge the accumulation of acute and overwhelming distress.  We reference the countless images through all forms of media that are brought to us daily, and take their toll: for many, anxiety is increased in our homes, in our schools, in our places of work, in our communities, and in our cities.  

We have reflected on our core purpose (as set out in our website: PPN - Home) -  to maximise the benefit of psychological professions to the public, and our vision areas - helping communities to thrive, putting people first and making all health and social care psychological.   This work is informed by the principles of trauma-informed practice Working definition of trauma-informed practice - GOV.UK (  In the recognition of the impact of trauma we can ensure that our services do all that is possible to prevent re-traumatisation, and to coordinate access to services with a suitably trained workforce who can support spaces for healing and recovery, a step at a time.

Many organisations are creating local support offers up and down the country. 

There are also national resources to which we sign-post:

We are aware this list is in no way comprehensive, and we are open to guidance as to other resources that are helpful, or required, that are not represented here.

As a Psychological Professions Network, underpinned by a value system relating to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, our stance is firmly against all forms of racism, violence and oppression. We know that some of our members have joined the humanitarian response that is required in regions directly affected by conflict.  Others, representing the wide family of psychological professionals from diverse communities, will continue to compassionately support all those who seek our help equitably and without prejudice to background or history. Our mission to grow a workforce with the necessary skills to understand and respond to the impact of trauma for all remains resolute and unified during this harrowing period of world history.