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Promoting Excellence In Psychological Health & Wellbeing

Watch the above animation to find out all about Experts by Experience! A toolkit has also been created following the animation, to prompt thinking about EbE involvement, and the importance of it. Please see below the resources and share them far and wide. 

pdf Discussion Guide (316 KB)

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The PPN NW is undertaking a project looking into expert by experience (EBE) involvement in the training of psychological professions across the region.

What are the PPN NW EbE Steering Group Aims? 

  • To promote the involvement of Experts by Experience in the design & training across the 12 psychological professions.
  • To improve Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) of Experts by Experience through engagement with local communities and groups across the region.
  • To integrate Experts by Experience input into delivery of the PPN NW Workplan.
  • To support Experts by Experience from the North West of England to participate in regional and national strategic forums. 

There is a national requirement for the public to be involved in both the design and delivery of healthcare services. In addition, accrediting and registration bodies set out expectations around expert by experience involvement in all stages of practitioner psychologist training.   

Experts by experience can be broadly defined as individuals, family/friends and carers who have lived experience of mental and physical health difficulties (or of caring for somebody who does) and who have accessed NHS mental health services as a result of these difficulties. There are benefits associated with experts by experience and health care staff working in partnership to enhance the learning and practice of health professionals and in the delivery of better outcomes for those who use services.

PPN NW and EBE colleagues are working together to understand more about how EBE involvement currently happens in the North West. To date we have

  • Developed and disseminated a survey exploring EBE involvement in the training of psychological professions.
  • Developed an animation highlighting the benefits of EBE involvement and the different ways EBEs can contribute to services and training (view HERE).
  • Hosted a webinar about transforming care through the involvement of patient and the public (view HERE).
  • Took part in a national conference during Psychological Professions Week 2022, to share and celebrate how EBEs work in partnership with healthcare staff to enhance learning, practice and to improve healthcare outcomes (view HERE).

We hope that these can act as educative resources, that can be shared to highlight the meaning and benefits of EBE involvement. We want to inform, enable and influence others to bring EBE involvement into their activity. Finally, we would like to develop an expert by experience ‘good practice’ event to share learning, widen links and create a community of practice. 

You can view the latest blog, by EBE Steering Group member, Alison Bryant here. Alison talks about reflecting on Psychological Professions Week 2022 and looking to the future. 

You can also find other PPN NW Blog updates here.

For more information on the project, please contact the North West Psychological Professions Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • A recent national survey was carried out by the National Psychological Professions Workforce Group (NPPWG) exploring expert by experience involvement in psychological professions training. For further information or any queries, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

steering group aims


The Psychological Professions Network (PPN) North West are facilitating a webinar entitled 'Transforming Care Through the Involvement of Patients and the Public: Learning from Experts by Experience in the Psychological Professions Network'. We hope to set out the context for expert by experience involvement, disseminate our survey results exploring involvement in the training of psychological professionals, and share stories of involvement journeys from expert by experience colleagues, professionals and trainees. 

Public and patient involvement is highlighted as significant within the NHS; however, we don’t always get it right, or harness the benefits and value that experts by experience bring to service design, delivery, and improvement. One of PPN England’s objectives for regions over the coming years is to build expert by experience representation and explore how they can meaningfully contribute to the work programmes, for both the PPN and within HEE. In the PPN North West, we have an established steering group of experts by experience, across the region and would like now, to explore how our HEE colleagues engage with public/ patient involvement in their work programmes. We are interested in hearing your views on any opportunities and challenges that can arise, best practice, and ideas for how to build on this further.

Speakers: Jodie Wells (clinical psychologist in training) joined by expert by experience colleagues from the PPN NW Expert by Experience Representation Steering Group.

View the summary slide here and the webinar recording here